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  • Any larger Private events for the rage room we need minimum 2 weeks in advance to make sure we can secure enough glass.
Group Includes 10 people

Private Events & Team Building in Pflugerville!

Nothing breaks the ice quite like throwing axes, playing in neon paint or smashing breakable items. When axe throwing, It’s impossible to describe the thrill of chucking an axe and seeing it slice into the bullseye! It’s an exciting release you won’t find anywhere else. If becoming an axe-pert at axe throwing isn’t on your bucket list, you might want to try smashing breakable items in our Rage Room. Bring your best swing at our breakables. Or check out our Splatter Paint room where you get to take away a 8×10 momento of your crazy art side, or just enjoy splattering the walls, your coworkers and your friends with our washable paint!

Team Building Events are great for getting to know employees, celebrating milestones and encouraging team work! Throwing Axes and smashing breakable items helps build a close-knit team and is a great gift for your employees to show your appreciation for all their hard work!

Our private events are held outside our normal business hours, but are otherwise scheduled at your convenience provided staff availability.  Events will run for a minimum of 2 hours and costs will vary based on the number of participants and experiences participated in.  We charge $35/person for one experience, $60/person for two events and $85/person for three events.  We do have a minimum charge of $350 for private events.